About Me

This is me. Normally, I don't like to talk about myself, but for this page I will try to make an exception. I'm an average Dutch guy, studying chemistry at the University of Groningen at the moment. From the second I was born I had an interest in the workings behind machines. I would drive my parents crazy by trying out every button whenever I saw machine I had never touched before. My first steps into the world of programming were thanks to the scientific calculator our high school provided. The calculator supported BASIC as a programming language, in which I wrote my first programs. Most were simple, because the calculator didn't have the processing power to support the games I actually wanted to make for it...

After writing programs with my calculator, HTML and PHP started to grab my attention. Web development has been my big hobby for almost ten years now, so I've had my fair share of personal projects. Around 2004 I joined the Nintendo community NDomain.nl and have been responsible for the script behind their layout for many years now. During that time I learned a lot when it came to web development. LieuweJan.com is my most recent project and also the first project I finished using object oriented programming.

That's basically my programming life in a nutshell. There is still much I want and need to learn in order to give back to the open source community that has given me so much in return. If you actually read my entire story up to this line: thank you very much for your attention! People who are interested in more can always subscribe to my article feed, or follow me on Twitter. Anyone interested in my work can head over to GitHub for code samples.

~ Lieuwe Jan Eilander, September 2011